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Rev.  Norman Seli

Norm Seli comes from a background in Theatre, Music, and Classical Studies.  He graduated from Emmanuel College and was ordained in the early 90’s.  He has practiced ministry with Children, Youth, and Seniors in a variety of settings.  While living in Southern Ontario his whole life, Norm was Minister and Liturgist in an old established downtown Toronto Church for 7 years, a two-point rural pastoral charge for ten years, and since 2005, in team ministry here at Jubilee United Church.  Norm is a qualified Supervisor of students and interns, and is actively involved in the broader United Church as a member of the General Council Executive, Toronto Conference Settlement and Pastoral Relations Committee, Toronto Conference Interview Board, and Toronto Southeast Presbytery Education and Students Committee; he is also on the Board of Directors of the Toronto United Church Council and the Common Boots Theatre Company.

At Jubilee, Norm delights in a dynamic partnership with Rev. Anne Dionisio and a variety of Worship Services, including Sunday Mornings Services, Pancake Church, Ulterior Worship, and even Definitely NOT Church. He is further educated and grounded by facilitating discussion and study groups, including Weekly Bible Study, “Living the Questions” progressive study, “Talkin’ Jesus” traditional faith talk, Saturday Theology, Youth Group, and Theology on Tap.

When not at Jubilee, Norm can be found at home with his wife, Anne, Henrietta the cat, and his ‘oft visiting’ three sons: Matthew, Michael and Paul, most of whom simply love Norm for who he is, even when it’s inconvenient.

Phone: 416-447-6846 ext. 103

Email: nseli@jubileeunited.ca

Blog: What I think about http://ttitawidse.blogspot.ca/

What did you miss @Jubilee?
A summary of the Sunday Service at Jubilee – in LESS than 5 Minutes – on Rev. Norm Seli’s YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/NormSeli/videos.  Posted every Sunday in the afternoon.


Anne ordinationRev. Anne Dionisio

Anne Dionisio arrived at Jubilee in September 2015 for an 8-month  internship. She became a ‘real’ minister in the spring of 2016.

During her time with us, Anne is focused on deepening her learning in church governance, prayer in ministry, preaching, integrated worship, and outreach. You will find her engaged in many aspects of our church life including Sunday morning worship, our ministries with children and youth, our Because God… services, and the 35ish group.

These days, Anne’s mind is full of thoughts about forms of prayer, children’s spirituality, and the ways that we articulate our beliefs and spiritual experiences. Anne is compelled by the transformative potential of  living in healing relationships and growing from each other’s wisdom and  witness. She’s also big into camping and crafty things!

Phone: 416-447-6846 ext. 104

Email: adionisio@jubileeunited.ca