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November 1:  Ella Fitzgerald – Still the Best at 100

Along with many musical selections, this is the story of Ella’s life, from unhappy childhood to stardom, from amateur dancer to working with some of the greatest jazz artists.  It is the story of her marriages, her movies, her performances with the Philharmonic, and above all, her recordings from her first to her last, songs that she wrote and songs that she performed with Frank Sinatra and other greats of the 20th century.

Presenter:  Robert Fogle

November 8:  The Harp – Instrument of Angels

The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments dating back more than 5,000 years – the earliest depictions are found on the sides of ancient Egyptian tombs.  As well as the story of the harp, we will see how it is played and hear its music.  A fitting presentation for this series, “Music and History”.

Presenter:  Lilliana Dimitrijevic

November 15:  “A Step between Me and Death” – a Survey of the Turbulent History of Japanese Christianity

An introduction to the history of the Japanese islands as seen through the development of its various art forms. From ancient burial mound pottery to the tea ceremony, to kabuki to Japanese comics, the Japanese have always had an appreciation for its visual and material culture.  Come and learn how the Japanese have developed a tradition of aesthetics through the influences of Zen, Chinese culture, and modern western art.

Presenter:  Dr. Max Dionisio

November 22:  Composing and Cycling:  Two Harmless Pursuits

John Beckwith’s recent autobiography is entitled “Unheard Of:  Memoirs of a Canadian Composer”.  His talk will include readings of a couple of short passages concerning his life as a professional musician and composer.  He will also discuss his annual cycling tours with his lifelong companion, Kathleen McMorrow.  Their latest (and fortieth) cycling tour was in Portugal in June of this year.  Dr. Beckwith will talk about some of these tours and will cite one example of composing while cycling.

Presenters:  Dr. John Beckwith


A few words about our presenters:

ROB FOGLE has been involved in entertainment for many years and has organized events here in Toronto for many visitors, including Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, in October of 1991.  Robert hosted the radio show, “Some Experiences in Jazz” for 27 years, interviewing over 700 jazz icons, including Oscar Peterson, Peter Appleyard, and Hagood Hardy.  He has one of the largest record collections in Canada.

LILLIANA DIMITRIJEVIC was born in Belgrade, Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia).  She started piano lessons at the age of seven and harp lessons when she was fifteen.  After getting ARCT level in both piano and harp, Lilliana went to London, England to study harp performance at the Royal Academy of Music.  She returned to Belgrade where she was Principal Harpist with the Opera and Ballet Orchestra.  In 1993 she moved to Canada where she is active with various professional orchestras and as a piano teacher.

 MAX DIONISIO received his PhD in Japanese studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007.  He has taught several university courses on Japanese culture, history, and literature.  Currently, he is the head librarian at the H. H. Mu Far Eastern Library at the Royal Ontario Museum.  Max came to Canada in 2007 to attend library school at the University of Toronto.

JOHN BECKWITH is the composer of over 160 works in a variety of genres, a pianist, a writer of historical and critical works in music, and a retired academic, having served for over 40 years with the Faculty of Music of the University of Toronto, seven of them as Dean.



 The speaker who was going to present the lectures for our Spring, 2018 series is now unable to do so for health reasons.

The dates of the March lectures are listed below and information about the new speaker will be available as soon as possible.

Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.

 March 7, March 14, March 21, March 28