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Highlights From Council

Important information from the most recent Council meeting will be posted here.


The major undertaking for Jubilee United Church in 2017 involved a merger with the people of St. John’s United Church. Working in collaboration with a task force from both churches, we developed a Covenant Agreement that identified how we would go forward together with the services and programs that we wish to embrace and enhance as we became one church family.

Jubilee U.C. assumed responsibility for the church property including the obligation to maintain services at this property and for the eventual sale of the church property, effective July 01st, 2017. The property was eventually sold to a purchaser on Dec. 05th, 2017. Our pleasant task now involves integrating the people of St. John’s U.C., and ensuring that they enjoy the same welcome and fellowship that they enjoyed during their days at St. John’s.

Jubilee members and adherents are being invited currently to participate in a new Church Family Photo Directory and their response to date has been most gratifying.

Jubilee Council Members are preparing for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) now scheduled for Sunday, April 08th where we review our 2017 performance and share our plans for the year ahead.

It is also our intention as Council members to participate in a planning session employing the MAP tool with a facilitator from Toronto United Church Council to guide our deliberations as we develop a plan to chart our future.

In closing, we were extremely pleased to welcome so many members, friends and visitors to our multiple Christmas Eve services.

We wish all our readers a very happy and healthy 2018.