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Highlights From Council

Jubilation Council Report November 14, 2018

Council has held two Council Meetings since by last report.  These Council meetings took place on Tuesday October 9th and Monday November 12th.

Please see Norm Seli’s report in Jubilation for the Ministers’ Report.  Since my last report, we have had held the Covenanting Service for our intern Jason Meyers, as well as successful events for ArtCraft, Bridge Day, Muffin Church and the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon.  We also had a full house for our Remembrance Day Sunday Service with a very insightful presentation by Ed Rutherford.

In the Treasurer’s Report during the October meeting, Gary Norris let us know that we received $12k for the GST refund for the last half of 2017.  The St. John’s bills continue to require some effort to resolve them.  Gary did not attend our November Council meeting but he did send us the August 2018 financial reports.  Income receipts are 6% over budget due to slightly higher donations, and expenses are on budget.  Therefore, our actual deficit is$63k, which is $22k less than our budgeted deficit of $85k.

Under new business, Norm Seli presented a proposal for Jubilee to be involved with the UCC (United Church of Canada) Halo project.  Through discussions with us, the project will document Jubilee’s activities and then measure our value to the community.  The $2,500 cost will be offset by $2,000 from the EDGE network.  Council members expressed concerns over the potential time commitments and benefits for this project.  Our next step will be to invite Mark Daly (from EDGE) to come to our December 2018 Council meeting and tell us more about the Halo project.

Council discussed and then approved a motion to support Cheryl Colford who is studying to be a Lay Licensed Worship Leader.  Over the next two years, a team of four people will meet with Cheryl regularly to provide her with support and encouragement.

Reports from Daniel Gaito, Chair of Property, in both our October and November meetings highlighted the committee’s plans to address the repairs and improvements to our building which were included in our Covenanting agreement with St. John’s Church.  Currently, the repairs and painting of the auditorium, high roof repairs, Friendship Room flooring repairs and costs for the removal of the boiler, are either partly or wholly dealt with at this time.  Daniel’s summary then divides the upcoming repairs into our first, second and third priorities.

  • Our first priority will be any much-needed repairs to the building, property and rooftop HVAC system.
  • Our second priority will be to review of our needs for kitchen and storage upgrades and then complete any necessary work.
  • Our third priority will be repairs and/or replacement of our water heater, flooring, toilets, and HVAC systems as well as upgrades to our furniture, lighting, parking lot and signage.

Council expressed some differing opinions on our priorities for property improvements.  We plan to hold discussions with the Covenanting Agreement and Finance Committees to help us decide on our priorities and establish an achievable timeline.

Under his Finance/Investment Committee report, Alan Bone reported that our investments are down slightly due to the economic environment.  He encouraged Council to submit their pledge cards, increase their pledges and get others to do the same.

The Finance Committee will soon be making an announcement to ask the congregation to “Remember the Church at Christmas”.  On Sunday, November 18, Norm will also ask the congregation to submit their pledge cards and increase their contributions.  Jubilee needs additional donations to lower our deficit and ensure our longevity.  Council mentioned that there has been some push back from people who object to having the deficit numbers printed in our Sunday bulletins.  The Finance Committee will continue to publish our financial results in the bulletin to keep the congregation informed and encourage donations.

Concern was expressed by Council over the timeliness of the budget given the plans we have for additional programs in 2018.  Alan Bone will collect budget input from Council members and we will discuss the budget further at our December Council meeting.

Iona Williams reported in October that Outreach continues to hold well-attended community dinners.  Over 100 people came to our Community Table Thanksgiving dinner.

Charlie Scott has established a Social Committee with 15 members with Ann Howes as Chair. The committee sent out surveys and has determined that the congregation is interested in day trips, a murder mystery evening, and concerts.  The Social Committee will now plan these suggested events.  The committee intends to be self-funding.

Sarah’s Circle UCW group has introduced a Helping Hands program whereby their group will assist people from our church.  They are starting with an introductory dinner next week.

Fran Crabe informed us in our October meeting, and reminded us in November, that there will be a UCW gathering on November 20th, 2018 which will address the use and benefits of medicinal cannabis.

The next Council meeting is on Monday December 10th 2018 in the Garden Room at 7 pm.

Thank you and enjoy our upcoming Christmas season.  I hope to see you all at our Christmas dinner on December 1st.

Elizabeth Clarke




Elizabeth Clarke