Jubilee United Church

40 Underhill Drive | Toronto, Ontario, M3A 2J5 | 416.447.6846

Highlights From Council

Important information from the most recent Council meeting will be posted here.


Here are the main points from June, 2016:

  • We are nearing completion of the roof repairs.
  • We are planning to have a presence at the Canada Day festivities at Broadlands Park:  Rev. Norm will be playing a key part in the opening ceremonies with a prayer, and we will have a table and signage representing Jubilee United Church.  Our plan is to hand out to interested visitors brochures on Jubilee and its services and programs, and information on the Go Project children’s day camp that Jubilee is sponsoring this summer. We will also hand out items like freezies to the children who visit our table. Charlie Scott will be present at the table and looks forward to having other members of Jubilee join him.
  • We are seeking volunteers for leadership positions:  leading a new Fellowship committee; leading the Coffee program (organizing Sunday morning refreshments); planning concerts as a key member of the Order of Good Cheer; planning the Christmas dinner; joining the Worship committee; taking responsibility for the next annual Garage Sale, etc.  We will survey church members in September to locate individuals willing to serve for a specific term of office.

If you would like to help with any of the opportunities listed above, please contact Charlie Scott.