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Highlights From Council

Jubilation Council Report February 22, 2019

Council has held three Council Meetings since my last report.  These Council meetings took place on Tuesday December 10th 2018, Tuesday January 14th 2019, and Sunday February 10th 2019.

Please see Norm Seli’s report in Jubilation for the Ministers’ Report.  Our Christmas services were well attended.  The creche with the manger scene containing the donation of Christmas story figures brought interest from the community.  The windows behind the creche were colourfully painted to celebrate Christmas. 

In the new year, Muffin Church and Liturgical Dance during our February services added new dimensions to our worship services.  Our worship services continue to be well attended to date in 2019.

We participated in the United Church Halo project in January at a cost of $500.  This project will document Jubilee’s activities and measure our value to our community.  This will be useful information for planning future programs. 

Our intern, Jason Meyers, continues his ministry with us and has led several church services.  Our minister, Rev. Norm Seli, is looking forward to his new role as Chair of The Board of Vocation for the United Church and will balance it with his work at Jubilee.  

In the Treasurer’s Reports, Gary Norris let us know that he had significant problems with the ADP staff payroll in December and into the new year.  Hopefully these problems will be resolved soon by working with ADP.

Council voted to receive the 2018 Preliminary Financial Results showing a Deficit of $70K.  This $70K deficit is higher than the $63k previously reported but it is $15K less than our budgeted deficit of $85k.  Our Revenue is about $21k over budget due to Christmas givings, estate gifts (received one unexpected $5k gift) and higher than budgeted facilities rentals.  Our expenses are $6K over budget primarily due to the repairs and maintenance of our building.   We continue to manage our expenses well.

Council voted to receive our Preliminary 2019 Budget. The budgeted deficit is $94K, which is about $25K higher than our 2018 Preliminary Financial Results. Revenue is budgeted at $435K which is with $15k more than our Preliminary Financial Results; this additional $15K in revenue will come from an additional $11K from our annual fundraising appeal and $4K from givings and fundraising donations.  Expenses are budgeted at $529K which are $40K higher than our 2018 Preliminary Financial Results; this $40K is composed of $12K for labour to help Barb Secord with Facilities, $16K for salary increases as per the United Church, $7k to fund our Rimbala program, and $5K for additional building expenses.

As a result of the Budget discussions, Council has decided to do a review of our events and pricing approach in 2019 to see if we need to make any changes.

Council approved the Property Framework and Timeline for building improvements as presented by Daniel Gaito, Chair of Property. We intend to conserve and enhance the building so that it will work well for our programs.  Our objectives are to keep the building presentable and secure, maintain funds to protect longevity, keep a balanced budget, have an approved Masterplan and report on our progress against this plan.    Repairs and maintenance will be carried out in the short term, along with discussions about our larger kitchen and storage improvements.  The Framework and Timeline for building improvements will be discussed with the congregation during the Annual Meeting.

Under his Finance/Investment committee reports, Alan Bone reported that our investments are down slightly by about 3% due to the economic environment. We began our investments with $2.1m and despite being conservative, our investments are down with the market.

Iona Williams informed us that our Community Table dinners continue to be well attended.  Her committee assisted with gifts and crafts for the Christmas party for refugees with the youth of Parkway Bible Church.  A cheque was given to the Food Bank again this year and more diapers were collected this year than last year.  Our help was greatly appreciated.  Cards and gift bags were made by her committee and other volunteers, and were distributed to Christmas Service attendees both at Donway Place and here at Jubilee.

Barbara Rutherford and her Facilities committee have met with all of our contract tenants and we now have signed contracts from all of them.

Charlie Scott informed us that the Social Committee, led by Ann Howes as Chair, will hold a bus trip to St. Jacobs in May 2019 and a Murder Mystery Dinner in October 2019.  Many people have already signed up for the St. Jacobs trip.

Ruth Nicholls reported that during the end of 2018 and early 2019, her Pastoral Care Committee were busy with telephone call and cards for illnesses.  The committee has lost several key committee members and is looking for new members.

Presbytery has been disbanded due to the new United Church structure.  Julie gave her last report for Presbytery in December, 2018.  Fran Crabe let us know that the UCW Presbyterial Committee enjoyed a last dinner and evening together.

Attendance at our Sunday worship services and events is up over last year.  We are a growing church, and our challenge will be to offer quality programs while managing our resources to sustain us into future years.

The next Council meeting is on Monday, March 11th 2019 in the Garden Room at 7 pm.

Our Annual Meeting is on Sunday, March 24th 2019 in the auditorium after our Sunday worship service.  I hope to see you all there!

Elizabeth Clarke