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Highlights From Council

Jubilation Council Report September 10, 2018

Council held their first meeting after the summer break, on Monday September 10th.

Council welcomed Susan Jane Bynoe, our new Worship Chair and Jason Meyers, our new intern.  Jason comes to us highly recommended by the previous congregations who have worked with him.

During the Minister’s reports, Anne Dionisio mentioned that the successful summer program was attended by 12 children.  The program of activities was enjoyed by all and included a Canada Day party and bonfire.   The entertaining Dr. When announcements which were made during the Sunday services, were popular with both children and adults.

Norm Seli reported that he discussed the proposed plans for the Memorial Gifts with several others.  These people suggested the use of a moveable scroll rather than a fixed monument to honour those who have made Memorial Gifts.  Muffin and Pot Luck church is being planned for October.  Pancake church will be on hiatus until Minister Anne returns to us.   Norm and Jason are discussing their plans to work together from now until April 2019.  Jason will be preaching at the next Sunday Service on September 16th.

In the Treasurer’s report, Gary Norris reported that donations for YTD July 2018 envelopes and PAR are up 4% and 11% over budget respectively.  Our total expenses are within budget.  Therefore, Gary forecasts that our deficit may be $55K instead of the originally budgeted $85k.  However, some expenses are still outstanding for the St. John’s merger and repairs & maintenance expenses.

In New Business, Council discussed Scout’s request for further involvement with Jubilee.  We expect to have them participate in a worship service for Lord Baden Powell’s birthday in February 2019. If anyone wishes to work with Scout’s for another event in the future, please check with Barb Secord for the facilities arrangements.

During Council Chair reports, Mike Flynn brought forward the request from Little Acorns Day Care for more space.  Council decided that we do not have the capacity to provide them with more space at the current time.  We will consider their request again when future changes are being made to the building.

Chair of Refugees, Amanda McKenzie, reported that our 4th Refugee family now has refugee status.  We will now help this family with jobs and housing.  We expect our expenses to remain within the amounts currently in our refugee fund.

Daniel Gaito, Chair of Property, reported that indoor and outdoor repairs and maintenance have been completed as well as carpet/floor cleaning.  The item’s brought from St. John’s have been integrated with our own with help from Iona Williams, Megan Williams, Fran Crabe, Pat Lansche and Barb Secord.  His committee is moving forward to plan the future changes to our building.

Under Pastoral Care Ruth Nichol’s group has done some visiting.  Please let her know of anyone with an illness.

Charlie Scott reported that he has found a chair for Fellowship and is in the process of putting a committee together.  They will be planning social events for people of all ages and some group trips are a possibility in the future.

Under M&P, Valerie Winters reported that we have new bass and alto leads for the choir.  Daniel is on staff now and Anne is going on maternity leave on September 16th.  Council thanked Anne for her contributions to Jubilee.  Anne will be returning to us on May 15th 2019.

The next Council meeting is on Tuesday October 9th in the Garden Room at 7 pm.

Thank-you and enjoy our fall months to come,

Elizabeth Clarke