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Welcome to Jubilee United Church


Jubilee United Church is an Affirming Ministry, offering welcome and companionship to all people regardless of sexual orientation or designation.

Jubilee United Church was created by the coming together of Bethesda, Donminster and Victoria Village, and most recently, St. John’s  United Churches.   Embracing the gifts of these congregations and the many individuals who have joined our community since 2000, we continue to grow. We acknowledge the sacred land upon which Jubilee United Church stands. People have been on this land for 15,000 years. This land is the territory of the Huron-Wendat and Petun First Nations, the Seneca and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. The territory was the subject of the “Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant”, an agreement between the Iroquois Confederacy and Confederacy of the Ojibwe and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes.

Virtual Worship - Sunday, June 28 at 1030 am - You are invited.

Daily Meditations with Rev. Norm Seli
Mon-Fri  Currently reading the book of Acts.

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Weekly Update

Dear Members and Friends of Jubilee United Church.
This update comes to you on Saturday, July 4th.

The service this week is 54 minutes long and includes Romans 7:15-25 and Matthew 11:16-19; 25-30.
You can sing along with “Take Time to be Holy” (Voices United #672 )
and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”  (Voices United #664).

Included in the service is a video by Bri-anne Swan about the demonstration in Regent Park on Canada Day, earlier this week.
Please join us if you can or catch the service later, if you can’t.

So what else is happening?

Well, the Jubilairs have recorded a radio show.  An episode of Burns and Allen and we hope to have it available for listening soon.
The Howling Heretics have begun work on a “virtual” Definitely NOT Church.  You will get it sometime this summer.

Our staff and leaders and keeping up on safety protocols, the needs of the community and the experiences of other churches and buildings around the continent.  We are working very diligently at making sure that when we are able to gather physically, we can do so with a measure of confidence.

There are children in our midst – Diane Naduriak is a new Gran.   Will and Christine Petrie are new parents to Christopher James Petrie.
And, we are planning a baptism at the end of July (not for either of the children just mentioned, but another couple from the community).

The baptism will be celebrated privately, but recorded and included in the Sunday Service.  It would be great to have members of the Jubilee community share in a reciting of the New Creed

We are not alone,
    we live in God’s world.

 We believe in God:
    who has created and is creating,
    who has come in Jesus,
       the Word made flesh,
       to reconcile and make new,
    who works in us and others
       by the Spirit.

We trust in God.

We are called to be the Church:
    to celebrate God’s presence,
    to live with respect in Creation,
    to love and serve others,
    to seek justice and resist evil,
    to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,
       our judge and our hope.

In life, in death, in life beyond death,
    God is with us.
We are not alone.

    Thanks be to God.

If you would be willing to record yourself saying the whole creed, in audio or video and send it to me, I will find a way to put it together for the service.  I will use snippets from everyone’s recording, so that we can have a sense of our community participating in the baptism.  Audio’s can be emailed to me, if you want to do video, email me and I’ll send you a link to which you can upload the video file.   Come on, this could be fun!!

And, as usual, I am on the look out for pictures of you at church. Pictures of the world around you.  More of you to include in our services.  By the way, if you have film ideas, things that you’ve created that could be included in the service, please let me know.   I would love to have someone share a story or experience for the Christ Candle.

As some of you are probably aware, Rev. Anne will be going on Maternity Leave at the beginning of August, but before she leaves, she will be preaching on July 19 and 26.  Rev. Marlene Britton will also be preaching in August, so there’s lots to look forward to with our virtual services this summer.

After having an embarrassment of riches last week, we have no limericks this week.
So, I will offer the following in an effort to inspire you to provide better material.

A limerick’s a difficult thing
A good one can make your heart ring
Finding words that rhyme
In a rather awkward time…
Ed and Drew have managed to make theirs’s…   Oh never mind, I’m no good at this!

See you tomorrow at Worship!

In Faith and Hope
Rev. Norm Seli  (on behalf of the Jubilee Team)

Here are some of the most requested links:
Sunday Check in, 1130am -1230     https://zoom.us/j/756954235
Tuesday Coffee – Tuesday at 11am – noon  https://zoom.us/j/348451849
Daily Check in, 530-630pm   https://zoom.us/j/846416417
Daily Meditations and Worship Services are on my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNHaEdFtqnOUxgkRdty9vQ?view_as=subscriber

Just a little something from the "Howling Heretics" and Definitely NOT Church

On Sunday, June 23, 2013, we celebrated together Jubilee being officially an “Affirming Ministry.”

church-prideWhat that means is that we are recognized and take responsibility for inviting, welcoming, and including all people who want to experience the love of God and ministry of Jesus Christ as expressed in our community – regardless of sexual orientation or designation.  We take on, as a ministry, the care and comfort of those marginalized and victimized by others for their identity as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered (LGBT) people.  As much as it is about LGBT people, it is about a wider diversity as well.  It is about inviting, welcoming, and including those who feel left out because of age, culture, or perceived / experienced abilities.  Becoming an Affirming Ministry is a celebration and commitment to embrace diversity intentionally, graciously, and compassionately – the way that Jesus did.

With your help, we will continue to be a loving, inclusive and responsible community.

We have:

  • Outreach Programs, Discussion Groups
  • Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups
  • Children’s Groups, Youth Groups
  • Bible Studies, Non-Traditional Worship

You are invited to join us.

How to Find Us

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Jubilee United Church

Jubilee Moments - Monday, July 6
Rev. Norm Seli reads and wonders about The Acts of the Apostles.
Today, it's Acts 2:1-21- some thoughts on Pentecost, "hearing in ears" and signs in the heavens.

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Here is the link to Jubilee's Virtual Sunday Service, July 5th at 1030am.
We can watch it together, or you can watch it anytime after the initial showing.
A 54 minute service of Scripture, Music, Preaching and Praying.
Scripture includes Romans 7:15-25 and Matthew 11:16-19; 25-30.
You can sing along with "Take Time to be Holy" (Voices United #672 )
and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (Voices United #664).
Join us - you are invited!

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Jubilee Moments - Friday, July 3
Rev. Norm Seli is reading and wondering his way through "The Acts of the Apostles".
Today, it's Acts 1:12-26 and we wonder about process and how we engage God in relationship.

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Jubilee Moments - Thursday, July 2
It's a NEW BOOK!!! Rev. Norm Seli reads and wonders about the Book of Acts
and what happened after Jesus left and the beloved communities had figure out how to live and love faithfully.
Today, we start with Acts 1: 1-11 - a little background and some wondering about when the former kingdom will be restored.

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